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beyond_tired in stargate_search

Two specific fics

Hey all. I am looking for a couple of specific fics.

1. *EDIT* The first request is closed. The site containing this story was taken down. Thanks, Perfica!

2. Jack and Daniel were both hurt on a mission. Sam and Teal'c were both so concerned with Jack that they missed Daniel basically bleeding out in his sleeping bag. This was after the whole zatarc thing and I seem to recall Sam thinking her "feelings" wouldn't change anything and then realized after that she didn't even consider checking on Daniel because of how she felt about Jack. I do not believe this one was a Sam/Jack.

Thanks for any help!


The second half of what you're describing in your first request is 'Loose Threads' by claforce/Carron. Here's a link explaining what has happened to Carron's LJ/website - http://stargate-search.livejournal.com/466121.html
Thank you!
Since, sadly, we can no longer read Carron's "Loose Threads," you might enjoy a fic that is also about Jack being brought up on charges. It's "Consequences" by Fabrisse. (It is also Jack/Daniel)



Thanks for the rec! I appreciate it!
Sorry to have not seen this for so long. Hope you enjoyed the fic.