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Thematic List: Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson - Aliens Made Them Do It

74 Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson Aliens Made Them Do It fics. Last updated 23rd June 2009.

This list is devoted to fics that focus on external influences (i.e. aliens, chemicals, weird plants, funky light beams, etc) that cause Jack and Daniel to have sex. I'm only linking to completed stories, so let me know when your favourite WIP's are finished. Other thematic lists can be found here.

Check author notes for more information and warnings.

If you know of any stories that I've missed that fit the category or found a broken link, please let me know in the comments.

# - recently added

- personal favourites


12 Hours Best Forgotten by Clarity.
An escaped bacterial agent causes 12 hours of mayhem and sexual freedom at the SG-C.

The Aliens Made Us Do It by Joy.
It became scarily clear that if Jack, as the obvious leader, didn't claim him… Chaka would.

The Amadeus Effect by Neena.
A seemingly innocuous artefact turns out to be not so innocuous after all and Daniel learns first hand what it means to be 'loved by the gods.’

An Exercise In Futility by Jilly.
A humerous look at the 'Aliens Made 'Em Do It' cliché.

The Altar by Nessessitee.
When a mission goes wrong and Jack is threatened with execution, Daniel reveals a secret, then makes an offer that might just save his friend's life - if only Jack will accept both!

Alter Ergo by ELG.
SG-1 start behaving oddly and it seems likely alien technology is once again to blame but could it just be their own sublimated impulses making them act this way?

Another Hour Of Daylight by Lady Arkin.
Jack and Daniel have to deal with serious implications about their relationship and themselves during the aftermath of an alien virus on base. Bottom line: is it a good thing or a bad thing that they weren’t affected?

The Art of the Deal by Littera Abactor.
These are the greatest aliens ever created.

The Beggars' Ride by Russet McMillan.
Jack learns to be careful what he wishes for.

Blame It On The Aliens by dustandroses.
It's all the aliens fault, okay?

Bright Chains by Destina Fortunato.
While off-world on a mission, the members of SG-1 must decide what they are willing to do to save a teammate's life.

Captured Cliché by Teand.
"It's another fucking fertility ceremony, isn't it?"

Cause And Effect by Po0ntZ.
When Jack begins to act strangely, the consequences of his actions could tear SG-1 apart forever.

Chained by Lady Arkin.
Jack arrives at Daniel's off-world dig; Daniel's behavior tells him that something is wrong. Before he can evac everyone out, Daniel is caught. That world's Chief gives Jack no choice but to carry out Daniel's punishment. Both then have to then deal with the resulting consequences and fall out.

Closeted by kuonji14.
He strokes himself and hums as he watches him eat. He'll give him a sponge bath tonight, as always. And oil his skin with vitamins and slick beauty. It's the thrill of anticipation that he loves. Its sequel is All Over But The Crying.

Command Performance by ELG & Brenda.
Apophis tells Jack to mate with Daniel or he'll give him to his Jaffa.

Eat Dessert First by dustandroses.
Jack and Daniel get separated from the rest of the team on a really nice planet. What could possibly go wrong?

Eclipse by Kalimyre.
Sometimes the truth that was hidden in the light comes out when the sun is gone.

Force Of Nature by Nicci.
Jack discovers what an explosive combination Daniel and alcohol make, then add an alien fertility ritual to the mix and watch the sparks fly.

Foxtrot On P8X-682 by theemdash.
Alien rain dances, body paint, and grass skirts—who says being on SG-1 is easy?

Hammurabi's Code by Diana and Kelex.
SG-1 discovers a planet whose society was pulled off earth at the height of Mesopotamian development. The ruler of the world, King Hammurabi, is hiding something from them, and Jack must protect his team while finding out what that is.

Human Touch by Meridian.
Alien influence causes Jack to experience sex with all three of his teammates, and he learns something about himself he hadn't realized.

Impulse by Jennifer Lyon.
This is pure fluff - PWP - for the fun of it.

In The Room by paian.
Inside the cone of light, which had ritual significance -- the light of justice illuminating the transgressor -- Jack hung on chains, at the length of his own arms.

Instinct by Clarity.
Jack and Daniel get very in touch with their animal selves.

Is There An Honest Purpose? by Ellison Wonderland.
The influence of an ancient wall makes Daniel blurt out the truth.

# It Wasn’t Me, But I Remember Everything... by maab_connor.
No matter what he did when he was awake, the moment he closed his eyes the images assailed him.

Just Another Day at the Office by muck_a_luck.
have a terrible block about getting Daniel to top. The entire purpose of this piece of meaningless, worthless smut was to get Daniel to fuck Jack. Very, very minor het content.

Just Like Old Times by Eos.
A past mission gone bad tore the team apart. Now they've reunited for what may be their last stand against the Goa'uld.

Kokopelii's Gift by Feather Autant.
A kiva and a light change everything.

The Last Man On Earth by Meridian.
Jack and Daniel have a run in with an alien device and the result is not pretty.

The Lotus-Eaters by Biblio.
His mind overwhelmed by a mysterious alien influence, Jack takes irrevocable action which will change his relationship with Daniel forever.

Love Bites by muck_a_luck.
The problem with interplanetary travel is all the mosquitoes.

Love Potion #9:
Fortunate Mistake by Zoodenizen.
An off-world mission results in the acquisition of a mysterious liquid that may or may not make someone's fondest dreams come true.

Love Song #3 by Dirty Diana.
Daniel gets dosed with hallucinatory drug during an alien ritual that brings up images and desires from his subconscious.

Mechanisms Of Restraint by paian.
Same basic premise as 'In the Room' -- Jack's framed for a crime, Daniel talks the authorities into letting him carry out the sentence -- but in this one there's no talking while it's happening, and there's as much Aftermath as Event.

Metaphrasis by green_grrl.
It's those cultural misunderstandings that will get you.

Mine by Sistine.
Even when they hardly know anything, they are still connected.

The Mind Doesn't Decide by Wordgeek.
Daniel’s memories begin to come back and he risks his friendship with Jack for the chance of something more; something in Jack’s past threatens to tear them apart.

Not Without Sin by Wordgeek.
"From here on out, the subject of my wife... does not belong in our bed."

Ob-La-Di by sid.
Two friends caught in a bad situation and mis-reading each other's reactions.

Objectives by Shalott.
A day in the life of SG1. Specifically, a day in which aliens make Jack and Daniel have sex.

The Other Half by Eliade.
An alien child convinces Jack and Daniel to demonstrate their friendship by offering them a golden necklace.

Pavlov by Kalimyre.
Trapped in a cell with Jack, Daniel has a theory.

Pollination by Cypher.
Alien world, Jack and Daniel, and a need to...'pollinate.'

Possession by muck_a_luck.
The ultimate mission failure. SG-1 is captured by a goa'uld and Jack becomes the goa'uld's new host.

The Road Between The Walls by Keiko Kirin.
Jack and Daniel are stranded on a planet with curious customs and dangerous potential.

Rough Trade by Dith.
Jack can't handle what Daniel is willing to do to save his life.

Rule Number 21 by Tazzie.
Urgo makes Daniel act a little crazy, and Jack gets to reap the benefits.

Sacrifice by the mad Elf banger.
Where aliens make them do it!

Sex Education by Penelope.
Jack explains Earth mating rituals to a curious alien and uses Daniel for the demonstration.  

Silver Lining by sidlj.
This is a shockingly un-porny PG-13 AMTDI.  With a twist.  Which sounds kinda painful.

Sinner's Grove by Martha.
Sometimes too much of the host survives.

Some Alien Virus by theemdash.
Sometimes the only explanation is an alien virus.

Somewhat Damaged by Zillah.
The aliens make them do it. A lot.

Still Life With Cliché by Komos.
Not exactly the aliens made them do it. Contains het.

Sympathetic Magic by Destina Fortunato.
Daniel sighed; there were only so many angles from which he could sketch a penis.

Tasting The Earth by Eliade.
Jack is forced to claim his team, lest a worse fate befalls them.

Temenos by Seanchaidh.
Jack and Daniel have to negotiate for a treaty in a very unique manner.

Temptation by Circe.
A misdial lands Jack and Daniel in stife.

Ten Hours by Kangaruth.
So, through power of suggestion and general sparkage, Urgo manages to drive our two favourite men insane.

That Damned Alien Love Potion by Ionah.
Dicks don't always let common sense prevail.

Thin Air by Janis Cortese.
A "Gamekeeper" fic. This episode does lend itself, doesn't it? Contains het.

This Changes Everything by Sid.
Aliens make SG-1 'do it'. Ultimately, it's all about Jack and Daniel in the aftermath. Multiple partners and het.

This Player Here, But In A Fiction by Martha.
Written for the Jack/Daniel Ficathon, because you can never have too many Aliens-Made-Us-Do-It stories. Except maybe you can.

A Thousand-Petaled Flower by Sorcha Luxor.
Jack and Daniel are captured and tortured by Bast, and must find themselves in each other to survive.

Trust by Penelope.
A sadistic alien sets SG1 a cruel test. Can Sam, Teal'c and Jack bring themselves to do what is asked of them even to save Daniel's life and will Daniel forgive them if they do?

Unexpected Assistance In Sorting Out Your Love Life by tigerlilly2063.
"You know, not every culture perceives sex the way we do."

Up Close And Personal by Kleio.
Let's just say that this would make one goddamn boring episode to watch...

What Beast Lurks by TJ.
Jack and Daniel must pay the price when SG-1 breaks a law.

What This Is by Emma Woodhouse.
Our heroes run into Hathor again, and this time her fascination spell doesn't work. At least, not the way she intended it to...

When In Rome by Cathy Cupitt.
Jack teaches Daniel some new skills.

Winter by Claire.
If all of the strength and all of the courage come and lift me from this place…

With Flying Colours by Teand.
Well, this is new, Jack thought as consciousness returned.


I was tempted to post 'Still Life' with the qualifer -

"Fan-freaking-tastic, but heartbreaking. Bring tissues and have a happy fic ready on standbye."
Aw!! No objections to qualifiers here, btw. Love this list -- I'm an aliens-made-them hoooor, and I already found one I hadn't read before, and I think there's a bunch more. Awesomeness. :-)
*rolls around in the horishness with you*
Thank you! I really appreciate all the lists. :)

I pulled these from my list for you. Hope this helps.

Chained by Lady Arkin
Impulse by Jennifer Lyon (2 parts)
Kokopelii’s Gift by Feather Autant
Love Potion #9: Fortunate Mistake by Zoodenizen
Pollination by Cypher
Sacrifce by the mad Elf banger (9 parts)
That Damned Alien Love Potion by Ionah
Temptation by Circe
This Changes Everything by Sid (multiple partners, some het)
Command Performance by ELG and Brenda
Winter by Claire

Thanks for these suggestions - I'll add them immediately :-)
Great list! Thanks so much for making it. Great category, too. :-)

Here are a few more:

Anna S./Tasting the Earth (contains het)
Cathy Cupitt/When in Rome
Destina Fortunato/Sympathetic Magic
dith/Whatever You Wish For (Jack/Daniel/Sam, Jack/Daniel)
dustandroses/Eat Dessert First
Janis Cortese/Thin Air (Jack/Daniel/Sam)
Keiko Kirin/The Road Between the Walls
Kleio/Up Close and Personal
Littera Abactor/The Art of the Deal
Martha/This Player Here, But in a Fiction
Meridian/The Last Man on Earth
muck_a_luck/Just Another Day at the Office (Jack/Daniel, Sam/Teal'c)
Nicci/Force of Nature
Penelope/Sex Education
Penelope/Trust (dark!)
Russet McMillan/The Beggar's Ride
Teand/Captured Cliché

Wow, that's heaps! Thank you.
Maybe I'm missing something in the story, but how does The Mind Doesn't Decide fit in here?
In the first third of the story they discover that they are having 'alpha urges' as a result of the virus they caught from the Touched planet (the episode was 'Broca Divide').
Ah. Gotcha. Sorry. It just wasn't apparant from the first part.
If you're looking for that scene specifically, the first 'primal' event occurs in chapter seven 'Only The Strong Survive.'
Not Without Sin by WordGeek
Added, as is 'In The Room' which I'd forgotten to do so.
OOOO! New ones! Thank you!
You're welcome ;-)
Hi gang - both Joy and Clarity's stories are gone -
does anyone have current links for them?

*baffled frown*

Thanks in Advance,
I've searched around and discovered the following -

1. It looks like clarity_lore has left fandom as her journal hasn't been updated since 2006.

2. I vaguely remember something happening to the 'Feisty Danny' website but don't know if the fics have been removed or simply moved.

Unfortunately I don't have those stories saved (even though I said they were favourites of mine...stupid me!) so I suggest you post on the main comm and I'm sure someone will be able to help you out.


Feisty Danny.

Maybe this could help :
It was working yesterday, november 15, 2010, soooo...
Aliens made me read that... ;)