LFS J/D Slash set season 4 around Divide and Conquer and Window of Opportunity "

LFS J/D Slash set season 4 around Divide and Conquer and Window of Opportunity ". Jack and Daniel are together but Sam thinks Jack is interested in her because of the Zatarc thing. Janet knows about Jack and Daniel and tries to be a friend to Daniel. Sam makes jokes about eating the colonel. Janet and Daniel are drinking in a restaurant when Sam comes in and drunk Daniel hurries out. I might be confusing a few different stories.
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Rejoined LJ after over a decade just because I can't get this story out of my head and also cannot find it anywhere.

Set off-world, and Janet is off-world too for reasons I cannot recall. The locals do something to Sam that causes her to believe that she is from the planet where they are, and that Janet is... a spy? Maybe? Janet ends up essentially as Sam's prisoner, trying to convince her that they know each other. Meanwhile, Sam's new persona thinks Janet is very beautiful. Tentative friendship and then a whole bunch of sex ensues. The other members of SG1 are not especially present in the story, iirc.

 I feel like it was originally hosted on the individual author's dedicated website, not any of the big archives, but that might be incorrect. It also may not be complete.

Trying to find a fic

Jack adopts a child "Destroyer Of Worlds". Daniel grudgingly helps him. General Hammond accidentally makes the Asgard, Nox and Tollan think that they are a couple. Eventually, Jack's father comes to live with him.
I appreciate the help. Else, I will be searching the Wayback Machine forever.

Fic search: SG-1/SGA AU Jack/Daniel (Found)

Hey, so I am looking for a fanfiction that I read maybe a year ago. I am pretty sure that I read it on area52 via wayback machine. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name nor the author. Maybe someone knows which one I am talking about and can help me out.

Here is what I remember:

It was an AU and a crossover between Stargate SG-1 and Stargate SGA (but the main focus was on SG-1). The work had 3 or 4 parts, I think, but most of what I remember is in regards to the first part. In the AU Jack was a detective and transferred to a new police department. He meets Daniel at a local library. I think Daniel spends a lot of time there because he is working on a degree or something. Daniel is actually Jack’s partner’s boyfriend. They meet a few times when Jack hangs out with his new colleagues. He realizes however, that his partner is quite abusive towards Daniel and helps him leave him. I think the partner then transferred elsewhere and Jack and Daniel got together overtime. 

Work wise Jack and his colleagues hunt a serial killer that abducts and kills men. Pretty sure that they were all gay. I think he kidnaps McKay or Beckett (not sure who) at some point and then later Daniel. McKay and Beckett were also in a relationship and teachers at a local Highschool. Teal’c and Sam were also around (not sure whether they worked at the school or at the police department.) I think that Elizabeth was the principal at the school (not sure about that either).

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