Old fic

Locking for a fic I read years ago. It was just after Janet died. It turned out that Janet was shot because Sam had abandoned her position to run to Jack.

Looking for a StarGate Fic

1) first time using this platform
2) I’m looking for a stargate fic. I remember most of it, but not the name. First, Teal’c scares away Jack during the time loop when he tries to go and kiss Daniel. Then, Teal’c and Daniel get together, Daniel starts talking to Junior, which everyone thinks is a horrible idea. Junior, it turns out, is one of many “defective” symbiotes that the Goa’uld kill upon maturing. Eventually, to save Daniel’s life, Junior takes Daniel as host, ends up learning about more of the “defective” symbiotes, and Daniel brings some back to earth. Daniel is declared the System Lord of Earth, things happen where Daniel is shot, symbiotes in a glass case are shot at, Jack eventually becomes a host to one of the mature symbiotes that was in the case after it shatters. If anyone could drop a link, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

LFS: Preslash/JD post Evolution with a young Daniel Clone

Looking for a story for a Facebook friend. It was J/D but the first half seriously could have been gen. They seem to remember that on the way back from Honduras they find a kid that turns out to be a young Daniel. Don’t remember if it was a clone, quantum mirror, or time travel - but the kid was a bit snarky w/ them at first. Didn’t trust them and they had to try and explain that he and his parents had been involved in an accident. The first half was super sweet. They want to read the second half 😢 but can’t find it. Can anyone help?

FIC SEARCH john/rodney fic

Hello, I'm looking for a short fic where John goes with Rodney to science conferences for security reasons, but the other scientists believe it is because they are dating or together. 

John is oblivious to this until some fellow mathematician or something chats with him in a break and calls him "Rodney's soldier," He realizes that (WOW) he had been dating Rodney for the last few years, and it feels good. 

Looking for Team Building/Bonding Fic

Hopefully some people still use this page. I’ve been trying to find this team fic and I can’t for the life of me find it.
It’s about a team building exercise but isn’t just for those in the SGC, but our characters compete with other teams from other bases. The SGC votes for who will compete, and of course Sam, Janet, Jack, and Daniel compete and they all have to do a beauty pageant-type competition and then they all come together to lip-sync a song and they do the Reproduction song from Grease 2. Teal’c and Hammond and Cassie and Ferretti watch from the audience and Ferretti ends up placing bets with others from the other bases. Please help me find it, it’s been driving me crazy!

Jack and SGC men used for breeding

Hoping someone will remember the story/have a link/remember title so I can even use Wayback machine to search.

SG-1 travel to a planet where it's mainly all women (not Adam's Rib by Kikkimax- just finished that one) and there are I think four-six 'men' if that's what you would call them that are quite simple, and all strive to be The One or Number One? They're used for breeding purposes. But the people of this planet realise that human men are probably better quality take advantage of the men from SGC.  I think Daniel is separated from SG-1 and Jack and another soldier from another team are badly used.

I can't remember much more. 

Can anyone recall this fic?

Would be much appreciated thank you. 

Looking for fic with Daniel and Sam escaping hostile planet....

So basically I’ve tried every version of google search and still nothing (sg1 fic can be stubborn) so I’m asking for help. The fic is where Daniel and Sam didn’t make it to the gate with jack and teal’c, and the natives are primitives yet hostile- Sam is delirious with fever and stabs Daniel in the back, has one shoe and has human waste on her (specific mention of infection risk). She has a deep cut from her lip to her chin, and Daniel has to stitch it with a sewing needle-mentions of it splitting open again later. Daniel also has injuries, besides the stab wound, but carries Sam all the way to the stargate- he is attacked by a group of natives, and Sam saves him by killing them with knife/gun ( Daniel ponders on when she’s lucid, if this will affect her as a “first innocent kill”). There’s a large fire at one point and Daniel has to cross the river to get through it I think. While carrying Sam he’s muttering to himself about steak dinners and that’s when other sgc members find them, because jack and teal’c went back for them. Many thanks if you can find this!!