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Step Through comics


So this is a long shot. In the dark.

I know what and where, but the material is gone and I still hold hope.

It's the Step Through comics by littlekfru--that ran 2006 to 2008? The team drawn as stick figures--of Daniel dancing like nobody's watching notoriety and my icon.

I know the artist is on deviantart and has kept some comics posted, but the majority of them did not make the cut.

Was anyone not as naive as I was to assume that they would always exist on the Internet and saved the images?


Daniel leaves Jack

I’m looking for a story I read before, but can’t find again. :o

Daniel is excited because Jack is finally retiring and Daniel thinks it’s his turn now.  However Daniel is late to the party only to find out that Jack has announced his engagement to Carter.

Daniel ends up leaving town and ends up in CA shopping and then meeting Spencer  Reid at a BDSM type club.

Is this enough for anyone to go on to find this fic?


Found by annejack it is a fic by @bindingdiva on The Wild Hare Project called 

Of Dreaming Spires.  

Looking for Daniel is an alien story

I’m looking for a Jack/Daniel story I read years ago.

It starts off with Daniel and Jack in blizzard in a different planet and Jack is going to freeze to death. I forgot how but they end up in a cave and Daniel is providing warmth. He also has some sort of third eye that glows red giving them some light. Jack is going to die so Daniel does something instinctively that connects them in a sort of life bond but he does not realize that yet. Jack freaks when he sees what Daniel is and through most of the story is pissed at Daniel. Daniel also has a way to climb walls, I think he sticks to them somehow.

The indigenous people are rather primitive and eat fish. One of the boys is ice fishing and falls in. Daniel rescues him. The indigenous people have no problems with Daniels abilities but all of SGC does. When they get back he is imprisoned. Fraiser is upset she never detected he’s an Alien

The backstory is that there really was a Melbourne and Claire. They were human and went to the same college. Claire hitched a ride with Melbourne one summer, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend. Somewhere in rural America they crashed. An alien ship also crashed and the only two alien survivors assumed Claire and Melbournes appearance and identity. The two hook up and finish college and get married.

I think they live in that small town for a while and the townsfolk are protective of them. They have Daniel but move to Egypt and die in NY like in the show. I think he’s vaguely aware he’s different but I don’t know if he realizes he’s an alien.

Back to the rural town, The aliens ship is sentient and has little robots to fix it up some but it can’t take off. The ship projects some sort of solid hologram and hooks up with someone from the town. It also has dna samples of all the aliens that were on the ship, which is relevant later.

Back at the SGC Daniel is being interrogated by a pissed off Jack, I can’t remember if anyone else interrogates him. Also I think at some point he can roam the base some but can’t leave. There’s something about Daniel needing to eat fresh organic produce to get nutrients but he doesn’t have access to that on base and is starving. Because of their bond, Jack starts buying and eating tons of organic produce, including some Jewish plant from Israel?

Daniel starts to get sick if he’s not near Jack so eventually Jack is also confined to base and really upset about it and still angry with Daniel.

Eventually they track down the rural town and alien ship where Daniel learns more about himself. The ship’s computer and DNA samples of Daniel’s species eventually make it to the planet SG1 were on at the beginning and they impregnate the natives, with their consent, so Daniel won’t be the last of his kind.

At the end Jack and Daniel hook up.
i could never hurt you // Merlin (BBC)

Looking For Team Fic


I'm looking for a team!fic, where SG-1 is on a planet that seems peaceful, but is deserted. They don't meet any natives. The longer the team is on the planet, they start turning on each other because of paranoia and hallucinations. Towards the end of the fic, they start attacking and injuring each other. Throughout the entire fic, there is a sense of... evil? that pervades every scene. I'd be very happy if anyone could help me locate this fic. It was chilling, and the characterization was on-point. Thank you in advance!

Edit: I've found the fic I was looking for after weeks of searching - it's "No Such Thing" by Carrie. It can be found here: Thank you.


Founded 'FIC SEARCH: John/McKay

I´m looking for a fic where John is an android created by SGC. When he suspects the existence of a plan to terminate the androids project, he runs from Cheyene Mountain.
As part of a plan to save the androids left behind, he pretends to be a very sophisticated sex-doll / domestic servant delivered to Rodney McKay, instead of the one Rodney really buy, that was supposed to look like Carter (of course).
Rodney does not works for the SGC directly, but as an advisor (I think).
While John takes care of Rodney, he uses his computer to access SGC servers.
Some humor, a lot of "Rodney is bad at feelings", and discussion about autonomy, memory, and personhood (is John human?).
I belive it evolves in to a serie of stories, some on Heart and some on Pegasus.
I´m sure I read the story in AO3, but can´t find it.

Looking for fic...Daniel willing to make a huge sacrifice for the lives of his teammates


I'm looking for a fic where Daniel is willing to have one limb lopped off for each of the lives of his teammates (an arm for "woman", a leg for "man", and another leg for "jaffa"). The SGC is looking to set up negotiations with the people of planet X (can't remember name); however, they put Daniel Jackson through a test of sorts. It had to do with proving the trustworthiness of their people and the keeping of their word. In the end they stop just short of actually. They bring a shaky Daniel back to where his teammates are being held they go home. Hammond decides in the end that any deal with these people isn't worth it.

Either my keywords are too generic for google or this fic is somewhere in the wayback machine because I haven't been able to locate it so far.

Hope you can help! Thanks!

Search competent Jack fic

Hi there
I have never used LJ before, so I hope I am doing this the right way.

I am looking for a story I read years ago and haven't been able to find since.

Jack is presented as the extremely competent Colonel he is. I think Sam comments on him being some kind of senior / expert on the shooting range

A new team looks down on SG1 - I think marines?
Jack puts them in their place. What I remember the most is that it described how competent and brilliant Jack is in what he does

I don't know if there were any pairings

Hope anybody recognizes these scraps

2 stories

Hi, I am looking for 2 stories. The first is a clone story where Sam gets home to find the clone in her house and the clone suggest Sam clone herself to go with him.

The second is just after Janet’s death and SG-1 are with Cassie, Sam is asleep in Jack and he takes off her socks to see her painted nails. Thanks.