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pretty green girl

perfica in stargate_search

Pepe's Website And Fics

I, like many of you who are Jack/Daniel readers, was saddened to hear about Pepe's decision to stop writing and pull down her site. In saying that, I fully respect and support her desire to do so – there is no way that I'd ever tell an author what they should do when they leave fandom.

Dear Pepe,

I was sad to read that you will no longer be writing but that is because I am a purely selfish person :-) You've given me so much enjoyment over the years that I can't help but respect you and your decisions and wish you the very best with whatever you do in the future.

I *am* contacting you for slightly selfish reasons though. I run a number of Jack/Daniel Thematic Lists on Livejournal -

Invariably, some of your stories are included in several themes. You said in your email that you have taken your stories down from your site and will remove them from a few more. Right now the majority are still up on Area 52. Am I correct in understanding that they will be taken off the net completely? Is there no little corner of the internet where I can direct people to read your brilliant works? I'm sure other reccers will be in the same predicament as I.

Assuming that your fics are removed completely from the net, how do you feel about people sending copies to each through email? I'm sure there will be a time in the (probably very near) future where someone is looking for your stories on stargate_search. I don't want to do something (or encourage my subscribers to do something) that you don't wish for.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you have a very enjoyable weekend.


Because of the following circumstances; i.e. –

a) Pepe was going to keep her site operational for a few days to allow people to copy her fics
b) Pepe said she'd be willing to email people copies of her stories if they asked for them
c) I suspect there will be a lot of requests in this community regarding Pepe's fics
d) I've spoken to Pepe and she is fine with this occuring

I have uploaded and made available to people all of Pepe's stories that I had on my HD. The file is 1.45MB compressed, 9.9MB decompressed.

Yousendit Link (.sitx file)

Yousendit Link (.zip file)

Megaupload Link (.sitx file)

Megaupload Link (.zip file)

Sendspace Link (.sitx file)

Sendspace Link (.zip file)

The following twenty-six fics are included in the above files:
25 Hours
Accommodating Daniel
An Act Of Pain
Better Luck Next Time
Bring Me To Life
Crossing Bridges
Curiosity Killed The Colonel
Dancing In The Dark
Don't Say Goodnight
Inside Out
Kissing Frogs
Not The Only Fruit
Once In A Lifetime
One Good Reason
One More Night
One Of Seven
Right Here Waiting
Starting Points
The Bonded Series
The Difference Between Looking And Seeing
The Night Before Christmas
The Price Of Love
The Sunray Inn Series
Unconnected 'Verse
While You Were Gone
Why Don't You Stay

Please note:
a) There are NO warnings on each of the story files so readers must beware strong, dark themes for a significant amount of stories
b) These are not all of Pepe's fics – there are 30+ stories listed on her site. If anyone reading this has copies of stories not already provided in the zip file and would be willing to upload them for other members, please provide a link in comments and I'll edit the post as needed
c) I don't know what is going to happen to the fic and art on Pepe's site that were created by other people, so if you want any of those, I'd grab them while I had the chance.

ETA: yaseanne has provided links on the Wayback Machine for 'Dear Sara' and 'The Edge Of Darkness.'

ETA 2: dhae_knight let me know that 'Dear Sara' is available here with the pictures still embedded.

ETA 3: Mon (whose LJ name I don't know! You'll have to tell me ;-) passed on 'A Photograph Of Him And Me,' 'The One I Love' and 'We Met On A Wednesday' - Sendspace .zip file here

ETA 4: Two more fics have been added 'A Piece Of Heaven' and 'April Fool' - Sendspace .zip file here


Okay... after a few deleted comments ;)
I got 'Dear Sara' by the WayBackMachine here.
And in case the Unconnected 'Verse is NOT Edge of Darkness, here's part 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Your file came in fine and I'm copying as I speak ;-)

The Unconnected 'Verse is a collection of recent one-shots; I'll edit the post to draw readers attention to this comment. Thanks for tracking them down!
Okay, no prob. But I can't open your .sitx file, not even with Stuffit. It says it's an unknown (unexpected?) format.
Shite. It's working for me fine. Any suggestions on other ways I can compress the folder? I don't want to upload each fic individually.
Try .zip or .rar: both are rather common compression software. WinRar says you have to register after 40 days, but I've never had to - ddownload the localized English version.
Started the download and realised it won't work for me because it's an executable file and I'm on a Mac. Perhaps that's why people are having issues downloading?

I may just have to upload them individually.
How about Rar for Mac? Or, freeware: Zipeg.
I just tried Zip - would you mind trying it out for me? If this decompresses then I'll be very happy ;-)

Yousendit (.zip) - http://download.yousendit.com/0D591BEB4FDADB3F
This works just fine, thank you! :D
Yes, sorry. That's the way Wayback Machine works :(
I hope someone else has it, or Pepe uploads the stories again for a day so we can take what we're missing.



Hi all. First off this is the first thing I've heard of Pepe closing her site (only found out when I went to her site and the stories were gone). So all your links (thanks for them) say they are expired or that there have been the max number of downloads. Is there any other way to get the files? I wish I had known this sooner or I would have gotten all her stories. Please let me know either at kitticatz14 at msn.com or in this thread.

Sigh, I'm gonna have to get an external hard drive and just store all the stories I like since it's just too unpredictable if they'll stay on the web or not.

Thanks for any info people have!

Re: Problem

Here's a yousendit link that will give you Pepe's fics in a zip file - http://download.yousendit.com/10F06A9B01D35E3E

Let me know if there's any problems with it.

Re: Problem

"File not found.
This download link is invalid and there is no file associated with it." (on all the links here there is some kind of error - this one is on yours now...).
Could you send me the files or something? would be grateful? - its hurdahl at gmail.com...

Re: Problem