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iceani in stargate_search

Unrequited Jack/Daniel + Daniel/Other

I remember the following:

- Daniel is sleeping with random men
- I think he was accidentally (?) at a gay bar and was approached (?) and went with it
- He has unrequited feelings for Jack
- He even kisses Jack once (at a party at Jack's house?) but Jack just isn't into guys (he's understanding about it...there are hugs)
- Daniel runs off and continues his hook-ups
- I remember a line, "do you fuck?" (I think it's one of the last ones)

I'm pretty sure it was a story I read on livejournal as it was before the time of AO3, and during the fanfiction.net NC17 exodus.

If you know this story, please let me know.




I know this story.

Daniel's wandered into a little cafe near his apartment looking for lunch.I think there's a serious bar upstairs. The waiter-host guy is very gay and recommends a particular meal he thinks Daniel will like. He thinks it's cute how Daniel's different from most of the really good looking ones, because he's pretty oblivious about everything and doesn't recognize when one of the other patrons tries to hit on him. He goes back the next time he's on planet, and lets someone buy his lunch, and then they walk back to Daniel's apartment. After 4 or 5 of those, he gets pretty direct about what he wants.

I'm pretty sure it's by one of the more prolific writers from the early years, but I'm thinking Area52 maybe, not LJ.

I've read it once, and it was well written, but it kinda made me feel bad for Daniel, so I didn't save it or bookmark it.

That's all I got - sorry.
It's called Meetings, by eliade. I'm not sure if it's up anywhere but her website, which was where I read it. Try googling the title and author, which was how I found it.
Thank you!