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archeogirl in stargate_search

A Sequel by Another Author (?)

I've been on a binge as I've returned to reading SG fic and have, foolishly, broke my own rule: if you even remotely like it, save it. #regrets

I recently came across a sequel to ivorygates's The Colors of That Piece of Time. I'm pretty sure it was written by a different author and it was a direct sequel (though maybe it was something of a remix). In fact I read it before I read the original.

I read in on LJ and am dutifully combing through my browsing history, but I am hoping someone out there can help me find it quicker.

There was maybe some cameron/daniel if you squinted and referenced cameron/teal'c from the original story.


I've looked through her stuff because her name sometimes comes up with yours in a search. It's not at A03, and I haven't found it in her LJ or DW either. With everything being nicely tagged it didn't take long to go through the posts and it probably would have popped up.

I know it exists, though. I found your work because of it.

I think I've read this.

It opens with Mitchell waking up in the infirmary and being informed he's been unconscious for some time after fainting/collapsing after walking away the the experiment.

Does that sound familiar?
Okay, then it's the same story where he won't let go of Daniel's hand/wrist/arm once he grabs it at one point, and can't seem to accept that he's [Cam] not going anywhere.

I too remember a livejournal-type layout when I think of the story, but I can't seem to find it either and I know I've seen it in the past month or so.

I bet it's under one of those cuts where it doesn't actually open into a new screen (and therefore being recorded in the browser's history), but just makes the text appear in the same screen.

Good luck! Maybe someone out there has a better memory than we do.