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Thematic List: Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson - AU

160 Jack/Daniel AU fics. Last updated 12th April 2011.

For the purpose of keeping this list manageable, I've limited the definition of AU's to stories where Jack and Daniel are in different careers, or the timeline is significantly altered. I'm only linking to completed stories, so let me know when your favourite WIP's are finished. Other thematic lists can be found here.

Check author notes for more information and warnings.

If you know of any stories that I've missed that fit the category or have found a broken link, please let me know in the comments.

# - recently added

- personal favourites


A Hand For Your Hand by princessofg.
Circa 1802, the Mediterranean Sea. The pirate Daniel Jackson is captured.

A Matter Of Life And Death by Clarity.
Based on the classic 1946 love story. A brush with death make Jack and Daniel realise they love each other. But Jack was supposed to have died that night, and the ascended aren't at all happy he didn't. With Janet's help, Jack must fight for his right to live by beating them with their own laws.

A Time For Truth by Darcy.
Established relationship. Sara and Jack divorce after Charlie accidentally shot himself. Daniel starts to doubt their relationship when Jack doesn't want to come out to his teenaged son.

The Age Inside by Sistine.
An AU look at a Daniel who survives abuse and a Jack who opens his heart to the boy and the man.

Alternative Reality Bites by Dragonfly Promises.
Jack is chief of detectives in a squad chasing down a serial killer. Who will be the next victim and who will help Jack catch the killer before he strikes again?

An Echo Of Freedom by Quinn.
In a brutal version of our universe, Daniel is kept as the personal slave of Jack, a member of a vicious military.

An End To The Waiting by sugarsbadhabit.
Jack meets an intriguing stranger in a diner.

And Now For Something Completely Different by Gigi Sinclair.
Daniel, a university professor, is in a relationship with Congressman Paul Davies. A retired hockey star is asked to speak at a faculty dinner.

Beautiful Stranger by Raven1222.
Daniel is a free spirit and he crosses paths with Jack.

Black And Blue All Over by Lokei.
Daniel’s a detective, ex-colonel Jack runs a bar/bookstore in Cambridge, MA. Its sequel is Every Color Glows When You Do.

Bloodlust by Feather Autant.
Set in 'Ye Old England', Jack returns from exile to find a predator ravaging his inheritance.

Bluestoke: The Legend Of Daniel, Lord Of The Space Monkeys by Widget.
Remake of 'Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes.'

Bluff And Double Bluff by Gateroller.
Remake of 'Negotiator'.

Bridge Of Dreams by Imagine.
A scholar and an engineer catch each other's eye on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bring Me To Life by Pepe.
00AD – roughly-ish-kind-of-maybe. Bit of a Roman thing! Sex! Oh, and partner betrayal… but it’s not Sha’re because this is a past life fic, so she doesn’t exist!!!!!!!

The Bus Trip by Nessessitie.
An airman notices a university student on his daily bus to work.

By The Light Of The Moon by Jillie.
Vampires and bloodplay and sex, oh my!

Camera Obscura by Gateroller.
Jack is a famous photographer, Daniel is a university professor.

Caribbean Love by Livia.
Jack and Daniel meet on vacation.

The Carved Line by Gateroller.
Daniel is fascinated by a collection of erotic male statues. Jack is fascinated by Daniel.

Casanova by Sistine.
Written after inspiration from the movie version of 'Casanova.'

Chameleon by Gateroller.
Daniel and Jack are not who they appear to be.

Charlie by read_300300.
In which Daniel questions Jack's sanity, also known as "In which some things in canon may or may not have happened, but it's up to you to decide which parts."

Climbing by Dith.
Jack wasn't excited about the rock climbing, and maybe it showed. Climbing rocks was one of those things you did to survive, not for fun.

Complications by Darcy.
Jack is a baseballer player at the end of his career, Daniel is the new hot-shot pitcher.

Conquered by Livia.
What if Jack and Daniel had lived in ancient time? Roman centurion and a Celtic warrior.

Cursed Be by Joy.
Jack/Daniel. Daniel/Others. After an attack off-world, Daniel changes.

Danny Get Your Gun by Pie.
Daniel is a school teacher in the Old West, Jack is an outlaw on the run.

The Dead Can Dance by Sorrel.
Jack pays a visit to the Jackson household.

Dear Sara by Pepe.
Jack is blinded in combat during World War I and is sent to recuperate in a castle in Scotland. Told mostly in letter form.

Destiny by Raven1222.
Daniel is travelling to the monastery when he is attacked and left for dead. He is taken to the property of Sir Jack where he tries to regain his memories.

A Dirty Dozen Reasons by Mystic.
Jack's in Leavenworth facing twenty years, if not, more if Kinsey has his way. Seems the only way out may be a one way ticket to hell.

The Disinherited Knight by Gateroller.
Set in medieval Britain, Daniel is in trouble and is saved by his knight in shining armour.

Divine by Berty.
Set in the Egyptian early Dynastic period. Jack is Pharaoh and Daniel is a servant of his bedchamber.

Dress Whites by Wadjet.
All men look good in dress whites. Sailors ahoy!

Enchanted by Caroline Mullen.
A strange mix between fantasy and reality. Daniel thinks Jack is the wizard he's been waiting for his entire life.

Enkiddu by Graculus.
The remaining members of SG-1 find a lost teammate on Vis Urban.

Ensnared by Jillie.
Daniel Jackson has his contract bought and is transported to Virginia to serve a wealthy plantation owner.

Extra Credit by sugarsbadhabit.
Jack the professor and Daniel the very hot student.

Fatboy Slim And The Softail Custom by Wadjet.
Jack is retired from the Airforce, Daniel is a freelance translator. PWP with motorcycles.

Fated To Be by Sistine.
Some things are just meant to be, no matter where or in what time people are. Pirates!

Father's Day by Clancy Thomas.
A visitor arrives from an alternate universe with a difficult request for Colonel O'Neill and Daniel Jackson.

The Fernando Mission by Gateroller.
Jack O'Neill is a guardian, committed to protecting his world from any and all threats. Discovering a man washed up on the beach, it doesn't occur to Jack that Daniel Jackson is his next mission.

Finding Home by Becca W.
The guys meet when Daniel is a seventeen-year-old student, and Jack is working part-time as an engineer.

First Impressions by Gateroller.
Remake of ‘Pride And Prejudice.’

First Knight by Penthesilia.
Daniel is King and Jack is his First Knight.

Five Careers That Jack And Daniel Never Had by Maraceles.
The title says it all.

Five Billion Years Of Sunshine by Maayan.
Seven ways SG-1 could have destroyed the world.

Five Gets You Ten by Jillie.
Daniel's a hooker looking for a customer, Jack's just cruising... you can guess what happens when these two hook up.

For All Time by Bethany.
Jack is a disillusioned business man, in some big city, all alone until he meets Daniel... And suddenly, neither of them are alone anymore. They are more alive and in love than they have ever been, before finding one another...

Four Days, Remembering by Gateroller.
Remake of 'The Bridges Of Madison County.'

The Fourth Kingdom by synecdochic.
Jack's been a lot of things, but he's never been a war criminal before. It's not even any comfort knowing he's not top on the list.

Flying Lessons by Jillie.
Jack teaches Daniel how to fly and they learn what one another likes at the same time

Friday At 4:00 by starting_gate.
Jack's a self-employed cabinetmaker, a single-in-Seattle dad, raising a teenaged son. Today, Jack has an appointment with a Daniel Jackson, Friday at 4:00.

#The Gift by ELG.
In a different universe Jack O'Neill left Special Ops to join the police force and is now a Detective in the Chicago PD. Doctor Daniel Jackson is heir to the Ballard millions but a virtual prisoner in his luxurious home, a victim of psychosis and depression. Is he truly as mentally ill as his medical records suggest or a victim of the controlling behavior of his stepbrother, Tony Ballard-Green?

God's Will by Wordgeek.
They were so different, a priest and a hired gun; not a natural pairing under any circumstances.

A Heart For Every Fate by Destina Fortuna.
The story that got me hooked on Stargate. What would have happened if Jack and Daniel hadn't made it through the 'gate in 'Torment Of Tantalus'? Its short sequel is Wild.

Hidden by Sistine.
Daniel had always been told that he was ugly. He couldn't remember a time when he hadn't been. That was about to change.

The Hockey And The Ivy by The Blonde Sheep.
Daniel is a linguist working with disabled children. When his car breaks down, he's helped by Jack, a famous hockey player.

Hole In The Head by Gateroller.
Jack is a producer in the music industry, Daniel is an independent musician.

Hooked On Love by Sistine.
Remake of 'Pretty Woman.'

Impress Me by Jillie.
Jack directs porn movies and Daniel wants to star in one.

Inferno by Nicci.
Jack is a chief in the Fire Department, Daniel is a psychologist who tries to help him get over Charlie's death.

The Inside Man And The Outside Man by princessofg.
You will see the influences of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting and The Color of Money smeared all over this fic.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night by Berty.
18th century. Daniel is waylaid by a highwayman. Its sequel is Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m.

Jackerella by Gateroller.
In traditional pantomime style, our heroes Jack and Daniel go through their trials and tribulations and helped by their friends, find each other again, to live happily ever after.

Jack's Story by Singular.
In this universe, Jack's parents were archaeologists who discovered the Stargate and travelled to another world. Sam and Daniel live on an Earth that was recently taken over by Apophis.

Jealous of Your Cigarette by melayneseahawk.
I'm jealous of your cigarette,
and the pleasure that you get from it,
and not me.

Journey's End by Graculus.
At the end of World War II, Daniel is asked to solve an archaeological problem. He meets Jack, the base commander and returned war veteran.

The Kiss by Sistine.
The possible true story behind one of history's most romantic sculptures.

The Lay Of The Land by Jillie.
In the American Old West, a sheriff meets the town's new bartender.

Learning To Say Goodbye by Mystic.
A man lives on the streets, trying to escape the pain caused by the loss of his son. A chance encounter with a poor scholar gives them both something to cling to.

The Lord Of Misrule by Pepe.
15th century England. I wrote this for last Christmas, but for some reason it seems to have been stuck in my folder since then.

Lost Souls by Mystic.
After Jack escapes from being a prisoner in Iraq, he is told Sara and their unborn child were killed by a drunk driver. He disappears from America. Ten years later, he meets a Doctor of Archaeology, but cannot tell his new love about his secret life.

Love Through The Ages by Beverly.
Did you ever wonder if Jack and Daniel first met at Cheyenne Mountain? What would have been, if they meet each other again, and again, and again?

Mr. Piano Man by Cyper.
Jack makes a decision to take a step forward in his life.

The Man Who Had Everything by Shedoc.
What if Claire and Melburn had never gone to New York?

Marrakech by Berty.
Jack is a geologist working for a mining company in Morocco when he meets Daniel in a bar.

Masks Of Protection by stacy_l.
We all wear masks. True courage comes from being able to lower them.

The Massage Series by Fra.
Daniel is a masseur, Jack is his long-time client.

Maybe It Was Memphis by princessofg.
Set in the 1950's, Jack convinces his pilot friends to join him in a jazz club. He meets an interesting patron and indulges in a sensual weekend of discovery.

Measure For Measure by antares04a.
Jack falls into the hands of his enemy.

Methuselah by Gateroller.
Jack is frozen in time for sixty years to be revived by a curious and frustrated archaeologist. Jack has a lot of readjusting to do and Daniel is there to help him.

Microscopic by Stellahobbit.
What Sam did to make Jack and Daniel happy.

Midnight Blue Corvette by paian.
Jack's an ex-commando in town for an old buddy's wedding, Daniel's out with a client. They meet at a strip club.

Mirage by Synecdochic.
At first Oneer is hesitant and suspicious - there is much anger in him. But Dan'yel is a prince of the House of Kasuf, and his will is not to be lightly set aside. Its sequel, Oasis, is written by Ivorygates.

Mistletoe by Feather Autant.
Christmas-themed. Jack is a fireman, Daniel is a psychologist.

Moebius' Nightmare by Mystic.
When SG-1 went back in time, they changed the future dramatically. Jack and Daniel meet as children in 1965 as their parents try to fight the Nazis.

The Mountain's Hail by Lady Arkin.
After the Civil War, Colonel Jack O'Neill buys a suffering slave with special skills in the hope that he can be reunited with his missing wife and son.

Mystic Minnesota by Mystic.
Charlie survives the accidental shooting, but suffers from brain-damage. Jack moves to his cabin and becomes a coach in a high school after Sara divorces him. Daniel, having no money and no prospects, become the school's language teacher.

Negotiating Life by Sunraven.
Jack is sent to the Middle East to rescue a hostage and must deal with a local civilian consultant, Doctor Daniel Jackson, who is one of the world's top experts on Muslim terrorist groups.

The New Toy by Sistine.
Jonathon O'Neill II, multi-millionaire, decides he wants a new toy to play with - and Daniel is it.

New York Rendezvous by Carron.
Jack is a gigolo, Daniel is a nervous first-time customer.

No Time Like The Present by Mystic.
When SG-1 try to return to the present in '1969', their actions change the future dramatically. Jack is president of the United States of America, and Daniel is his ambassador husband.

Obsessions by Remma.
Daniel is an exotic dancer with whom ex air-force Colonel Jack O'Neill - and someone else - become obsessed.

Of Hookers and Hieroglyphs by Toasted Toad.
Jack doesn't do relationships. Is Daniel prepared to meet him on his own terms?

Oh Come All Ye Faithful by Rubi.
An Elizabethan Christmas for Jack and Daniel.

On A Prayer by JayEm.
Remake of 'Frequency.'

On The Air by Jillie.
Radio talk show host Jack O'Neill interviews a visiting PhD.

One Persian Night by Sistine.
Despite being content with his life, Dani begins to desire a forbidden union... with potentially fatal consequences.

Operator by troyswann.
Like everyone in the matrix, she's asleep. Unlike them, she almost knows it.

The Other Man by Icarus.
Sara O'Neill might not be able to hate this 'Daniel Jackson' but she'd be damned if she was going to share.

Paper Bullets by Gateroller.
Daniel and Jack are news anchormen. They spend their time bickering and fighting until their friends decide to intervene and make them see how much they belong to each other.

Parallax by Xochiquetzl.
A trip through the Quantum Mirror forces two different versions of SG-1 to meet.

Paris Or Somewhere by saladscream and bertybertle.
Paris. The City of Lights. Ultimately, it's just another place that isn't home.

The Pharaoh's Stars by Roo.
Daniel is a pharaoh in pre-Goa'uld occupied Egypt. Jack must remove him from danger.

Philosophos [Love of Knowledge] by jai_takes_over.
In Sparta, in Ancient Greece, two philosophers barely escape a fist fight with a pair of Spartan soldiers.

A Photograph Of Me And Him by Pepe.
An angsty PWP set during World War II.

A Piece Of Heaven by Pepe.
Daniel's Army buddies convince him to visit a brothel.

Pieces by Nanda.
Jack is woken up after the events of 'The Lost City,' but not everything is as it used to be.

The Pirate And The Scholar by Rachel.
Need I elaborate?

The Potter by Gateroller.
Jack is a surly potter, Daniel wants to buy a birthday present for his wife Sha're.

Pride And Prejudice by Imagine.
What happens when a different Colonel O'Neill, one who has never been married nor has any children, meets different Dr. Daniel Jackson, one who had been a household name until he took a risk and told of his theories, when Catherine brings them together to launch the Stargate Programme?

Protected by Ximeria.
Jack, a bodyguard, is asked to protect Daniel, the son of a senator, from militants. Its sequel is Truly, Madly, Deeply.

The Puck Stops Here by Wadjet.
Jack is a disillusioned hockey player, Daniel is a fan that's had a crush on him for years.

Pygamalion by Sistine.
When Daniel, a lowly thief, takes part in Jacob Carter's experiment, his life changes dramatically.

Quest by green_grrl.
Written for the schmoop_age challenge. Prompt: "Princesses (or princes) that don't want to be rescued from the dragon, thank you very much, and rescuers that say 'okay, in that case, do you mind if I stay?'

Rear Window by Oliver Twist.
Remake of 'Rear Window.'

Red Dust by Gateroller.
After watching his friend die suddenly, Daniel, a speedway motorbike racer, is sent to visit psychiatrist Jack O'Neill.

Resistance by Graculus.
Jack and Daniel meet under very different, yet oddly familiar, circumstances.

Restless In Red Wing by lazigyrl.
Remake of ‘Sleepless In Seattle.’

Rock God by Penthesilea.
An aeronautical engineer goes into a bar during a business trip and is mesmerized by the lead singer of a band.

Roman Holiday by Wonderland.
Based on the 1953 movie starring Gregory Peck as a hard-edged reporter and the much younger Audrey Hepburn as a restless princess in a love that cannot be.

The Owl And The Warhorse by Saladscream.
Denil is a Celtic healer that rescues Jak, a wounded Roman centurion

The Sailor And The Archaeologist by Belladonna.
A story about Captain Jack O'Neill of the U.S. Navy and the Archeologist Daniel Jackson and how they fall in love despite 'Don't ask Don't Tell.'

The Sculptor’s Tale by Batagur.
Fairytale format.

Seize The Day by Biblio.
When a passionate, idealistic young English archaeologist meets his cynical, aggravating American patron, more than cultures clash.

Serpent In The Shadows by Selenay.
Jak Kern's son is kidnapped. Finding him relies on the translation of an obscure manuscript. He asks Denil of Errith for help.

Serpentine by Widget.
Based on Hitchcock's movie 'Notorious.' Destinies collide.

Skies So Blue by dirty_diana.
For kellifer_fic in the Jack/Daniel ficathon 2006, who asked for solitude and yearning, and also pancakes. She didn't ask for a Covert Ops AU, but she got one anyway.

So Damn Hot by starglyph.
An AU based on The Changeling (6.19). Jack O'Neill is forever saving Daniel Jackson, even in this universe.

So Passes The Glory Of The World by Otter.
Life after the end of the world.

Some Sunny Day by Penthesilea.
Set during World War II. Jack (a pilot) and Daniel (a PhD student) meet by chance and fall in love, but all good things eventually end.

Something Special by The Grrrl.
A shy university professor and a pilot meet in a coffee shop.

The Sons Of Sherwood by Sistine.
One of the untold stories from Sherwood Forest wherein Robin Hood's son is kidnapped, and Little John's son seeks revenge.

A Spaceman Came Travelling by Berty.
Daniel is really, really bad at small talk. Thankfully, Dr. Jack O'Neill is not.

Spoiled For Choice by Gateroller.
Former Pultizer Prize winning reporter Jack O'Neill has hit rock-bottom. When he meets supposed playboy and scholar Daniel Jackson, he becomes involved in the seedy underworld of drugs and corruption.

The Spy Who Loves Me by Dangermouse.
Jack recruits Daniel to be a spy.

Street Survival by Graculus.
A stubborn Daniel with attitude? A crazy over-protective Jack? Doesn't sound very AU? Then read on.

Subterfuge And Gambling Debts by Antares.
Daniel must impersonate his cousin Sam in order to satisfying gambling debts racked up by her brother. Will Colonel O'Neill demand satisfaction?

The Talisman by Gateroller.
Daniel is on a mission but can he bring himself to trust the intentions of an itinerant soldier?

That's A Wrap by princessofg.
Jack’s the veteran sportscaster, Daniel the new pretty face on the news desk.

The Things That Money Can't by Berty.
Partially inspired by ‘Indecent Proposal.’ Daniel Jackson thinks he has nothing left to lose now his career and his life’s work have been snatched from him. Jack O’Neill is a man with a proposal and the money to make it happen.

Through Thick And Thin by Sistine.
Two young boys grow up together and then are separated under shocking circumstances. Years later, their reunion fosters something more than simply friendship.

To Love, Honour And Obey by Rubi.
What happens when Jack can have anything he wants?

To The Victor, The Spoils by Sistine.
It was a slow year for virgins. Unfortunately, they needed a sacrifice. Daniel was it.

Trade-Offs by Paddy.
Jack's fast succumbing to darkness and despair as an Iraqi POW, until hope arrives in the form of an unlikely savior.

The Trouble With Normal by iamrosalita.
After a Goa'uld invasion, Jack contemplates Daniel and the new normal. Futurefic that veers from canon sometime in Season 7.

Truck Stop by Imagine.
Truck driver Jack O'Neill picks up a hitchhiking anthropologist who appears to be hiding a secret.

The Two Musketeers by Del.
Seventeen century France, Jacques is teaching Daniel how to fence.

Two Or Three Things You Know For Sure by Merrin.
Jack (the fire chief) meets Daniel (the psychologist) in T's recovery room.

Uncontrolled by Pepe.
You're used to bombs... but so is he.

Wagon Train by Gateroller.
Jack O'Neill is a hard-bitten trail boss, whose job is to lead a large wagon train along the Oregon Trail. The presence of Daniel Jackson has Jack wondering if it's time to retire.

A Waltz Through Empty Beds by tripoli8.
Set during the Cold War: spies, espionage and defection.

The Wayside Flower by Imagine.
Jack and Daniel join forces to assist fugitives from the French Revolution - each hiding a secret from the other.

We Met On A Wednesday by Pepe.
Jack and Daniel are two gentlemen that meet at a soiree during the 19th century.

What I Value by Lady Arkin.
At 23 Jack O'Neill found himself married, master of his family estate, and lost. In one moment he managed to loose someone that he valued dearly. He didn't know just how much he valued his young friend until the boy reappeared again years later.

The Widower And The Bartender by Yanthee.
Brigadier General Jack O'Neill is a widower with four children. He follows his oldest son to a gay bar and meets an interesting bartender.

With Wondering Awe by Sugar.
Jack is charmed by a man he meets at a wedding.

Wings by Carron.
Jack owns a charter business. He meets an unusually forward man when he stops to pick up some food before his Christmas Eve party.

Writer's Block by Terry.
Two authors meet at a book signing.

Written In The Stars by Carron.
A different version of how Jack met Daniel and how the Stargate program took off. The fact that Daniel happens to be a stripper in this story is just a bonus.

Yours Truly, Jack O'Neill: The Matter of the Medium, Well Done by starglyph.
An AU set in New York City during 1949. Daniel is a wealthy playboy who has suddenly insisted on an urgent change of beneficiaries on his life insurance policy. Jack's the cocky and irreverent private detective hired to investigate this unexpected and dangerous request -- before it's too late -- for both of them.


The Disinterested knight is actually called the disinherited knight...

And this is an awesome list! *g*
That's a really shocking typo on my part ><

Thank you for spotting it and I'm glad you like the list :D
In case nobody told you, everything by Pepe is now not available online anymore. That's gonna take a huge chunk out of your list....
I know, but thanks for the reminder. I have a post about it here where people can download what's still available or join her group. Pepe said she doesn't mind if people email each other her stuff so I'll keep her fics up until/if she reloads at another place or so readers can request her stuff.
Tripoli seems to have disappeared. Well. Not the city, obviously. :D
I've check the author's site and her Area 52 pages and it looks like it's been taken offline. Removed the link and thanks for letting me know.
Here's a new link for Clarity's A Matter of Life and Death:
Thanks, oh fabulous one! I didn't realise she'd removed her stuff.
Protected, by Ximeria, also has a sequel. It's set in the same J/D AU 'verse, crossed over with Due South and adding in Fraser/RayK: Truly, Madly, Deeply
Hey. Loving all the lists -

Cursed be by Joy appears to be a broken link
and ensnared by Jilly
Five Gets You Ten by Jillie
Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20070527102819/http://www.area52hkh.net/asj/jillie/fivegets.php (Internet Wayback Machine Link)
Fixed! Thank you.
Wow! Thanks so much for this list.
Glad you like it!
Here is a new URL for "Cursed Be" by Joy:

Thanks for the link; I've updated it on my files but LJ is refusing to let me edit the post... I keep getting this message:


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